Lindsay Gill: Baby couture

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby couture

You may have seen my post on a Keepin' it Simple Baby Registry.  You also may notice that the list doesn't include the hundreds of dollars you may spend on diapers, formula, and gas for your car when you have to go for a drive around the state to help the baby get to sleep.  Having a baby can be expensive, nevermind having two, or seven like my in-laws.  

When I think about "baby stuff," I am often on the fence between two major emotions.  First:  I wish Luke's nursery could have been fancier than the DIY baby art that I made for his walls...I just didn't have the time, energy, or extra money.  I wish we had the fancy jogger that is all the rage.  Look at all of those adorable Gap clothes!.... then....second:  I am so completely content in how Luke is growing up.  He is the happiest baby on the block.  His favorite toy is an empty water bottle.  He loves people.  He is a great sleeper.  We finally got him a rocking chair because he didn't even like being rocked until now.  He is a great eater!  He is doing so well at daycare...learning sign language and a few words.  Walking up a storm!  

Thank God that I'm feeling way more of the second emotion than the first.  If I ever accidentally slip into the first emotion, I quickly open Out of the Spin Cycle and read this quick chapter.  It is way too easy to get consumed in the "must-haves" of the new mama world, and that's no accident!  I think companies do take advantage of the new moms who, in effort to control an uncontrollable situation, buy their way to feeling prepared for the new angel that will forever change their life.  

I'm writing this to share with you, but mostly to save for myself.  Because I know this is just the beginning.  Luke will "need" things for school or for sports, and I always want to be mindful of his real needs.  To be loved, to be safe, to be listened to and respected.  To have boundaries.  To be with friends and family.  And to learn and grow into the very person he was meant to be.

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