Lindsay Gill: 31 Days to Organization: All-in-one

Sunday, February 2, 2014

31 Days to Organization: All-in-one

Here is a sum up of the 31 Days to Organization posts!  If you're just joining...I posted everyday in January on organization.  I honestly didn't plan on the 31 day challenge helping us organize as much as it did!  We have found things that were lost, and have organized things for easier days.  If you're not up for it today, pin this for later...for Spring or Fall cleaning when you get the motivation.  These are small doable steps for your home, and yourself, even if you've got a little one around!  The main concept behind this organization is setting up "systems" for each aspect of your home and more so that even when things get out of order, they can be easily and quickly rectified.

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