Lindsay Gill: Organization DAY 19: Baby's room

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Organization DAY 19: Baby's room

What a wonderful weekend of making memories!  We had a weekend-getaway birthday celebration for Luke at a hotel in Rome, NY which is half way between our two families.  It was so nice to not only celebrate a year of Luke learning, growing, and making people fall in love with him, but to also celebrate a year of us being parents.  

Luke got a bunch of new clothes as gifts, so that inspired today's Organization DAY 19 challenge:  organize something in the baby's room.  I chose Luke's closet and his changing table.  

Cultivating a little picture perfect nursery is all well and good...until your baby can move...and then things get dangerous.  We keep all of Luke's clothes in his closet which has been working really well.  The changing table has partially become a book shelf because Luke loves exploring that area.

Today, I want to get that a bit more organized.  I used an empty wipe container for his socks...and the empty formula container for the plug covers.  I'd love to get a hanging shelf on the wall above the changing table for all of the non-baby-proof items and leave the lower portion for the books and toys that Luke can access.

How do you keep your nursery organized?

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