Lindsay Gill: Organization Day 16: Passwords

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Organization Day 16: Passwords

Organization DAY 16!  You may be feeling mid-challenge organization blues.  I am!  I miss posting on whatever inspires me rather than whatever organizes me!  But we're more than half way there, and I'm not going to quit.  Today is an easy day...because tomorrow is going to be more involved!

Today's challenge is virtual.  Organizing your online passwords!  I can't even guess the number of times that I've clicked "Change password" and had to go through the resetting process.  

Some people use the same password for most things, and I have used repeat passwords myself.  But that can be dangerous so they really should be different.  Here is what I suggest!  You could write them down in an old address book...or spend a few dollars and get The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book.

Now obviously this has to go in a safe place!  But it is probably safer than jotting down passwords on scrap paper and losing the scrap paper.  

Do you have trouble remembering your passwords?

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