Lindsay Gill: Organization 2014 DAY 10: The refrigerator

Friday, January 10, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 10: The refrigerator

Today is DAY 9 of the organization challenge!  I moved Luke's playpen into the kitchen this morning and he played like a little angel while I worked on today's the refrigerator!  

John Paul has a near-death experience if he finds out that we wasted food or let food go past its expiration I barely had any rotten food to throw out.  But it was cleansing to organize the food and make it so that everything could be easily seen. 

Do you have any refrigerator organization tips?  


  1. oh my gosh! looks great!! You should see my fridge....well, maybe you shouldn't. hahaha!! It's bad!


  2. thanks! start by getting rid of the expired food and then you'll be inspired to do the whole thing :)