Lindsay Gill: Organization 2014 Day 8: Arts and crafts

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Organization 2014 Day 8: Arts and crafts

When John Paul and I got married, he knew that our life (or at least home) would be filled with ribbon, paint, and hot glue gun burns.  But I don't think he knew how much of that would slowly take over the place. 

Today, I don't have any groundbreaking ideas or beautiful photos.  I only have DAY 8's challenge: do an initial clean up and organization of your arts and crafts.  At least contain it to one area.  

My arts and crafts area is in the basement for now and still needs some work. But with my empty formula can organizers and an old shelf, at least everything is all together.  


  1. My crafting stuff is everywhere--we have this little tiny townhouse that doesn't want to hold all of my crafts, baby's stuff, and hubby's tools. I need to find some time to organize it, and I think we'll all be happy. I might actually be able to craft again! :)
    Love the blog (and blog name!), and am your newest follower via bloglovin' and twitter!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We found that keeping all my crafts in one place causes less fighting because my hubby would put away my things mid-project! Now even if its not completely organized, it's out of the way and nobody touches it! Would live a craft room someday :) thanks for following!