Lindsay Gill: Organization 2014 Day 3: Calendars and planners

Friday, January 3, 2014

Organization 2014 Day 3: Calendars and planners

Today is DAY 3 of the January Organization challenge!  Today, the challenge is to get your calendars and planners in order.  

I spent some time at Staples today printing out my new Mama Miss blog planner!  The planner is really cute and affordable!  As a new blogger, I'm learning something new everyday and needed somewhere to collect my thoughts.  She also has regular calendar and a menu planner perfect for the new year!

We also just put up a wall calendar in our entryway.  I took this idea from my mom.  It is possible that there are family events or work and doctor appointments that either my husband or I have that the other spouse is not aware of....can you imagine a situation like that?  I can.  I'm hoping this calendar helps us with that communication.  

Lastly, which personal planner are you using?  I know people who have best luck with their iPhone calendar but I have best luck with writing on paper.  Do you need a planner?  Then be sure to enter my giveaway (while supporting my SAHM friend!)  Only two days left to enter!

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