Lindsay Gill: Organization 2014 DAY 20: Family Organization Board

Monday, January 20, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 20: Family Organization Board

Central to home organization is the creation of a family organization board in the heart of your home. This DIY project will have your whole family running like a well oiled machine. The chores will be done, the menu will be planned, the schedule will be shared with everyone and your budget will be better off. Sound great? It is! Even better, its incredibly easy and only takes a few steps:

1.  Choose Your Location
- This should be somewhere the entire family congregates that has open wall space available. In my house its on the wall next to our refrigerator. That way its visible by everyone and becomes a part of our daily life.

2.  Pick Your Bulletin Board - There is a huge variety of bulletin board shapes, sizes & prices. Find a board that will fit your space & budget. At the same time you may want to think about what all you plan to accomplish with this board. The more your family needs to organize - the more space you'll need. Our bulletin board is two feet by three feet. I didn't like the edge on the board, so I spray painted mine black. Feel free to jazz yours up to compliment your decor.

3.  Fill Up Your Bulletin Board - Our family has a small calendar, meal plan, weekly home management to do list, and annual home management to do list. I use a piece of plastic transparency over each list so that I can write on them with a wet erase marker and use them over and over. You might also consider having a list of emergency numbers, or a babysitter information sheet. These are the primary items on your board - so create a layout on your board that will work for you.

4.  Leaving Room For The Extras - In the empty space left over on your bulletin board, put a small supply of colorful push pins to attach papers as needed. Our board always has a collection of coupons and reminders of upcoming events in the open space. No more digging through your house looking for the coupon you know you have but can't put your fingers on.
After only four simple steps, you've created a family organization board in the heart of your home. Happy organizing!

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