Lindsay Gill: Organization 2014 DAY 12: The bathroom

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 12: The bathroom

DAY 12 organization challenge is organize a bathroom! It's another re-post.

Here is what we're working with:

I picked up this organizing hanger from Marshall's for $9.99.

It has a ton mini-zippered pockets on both sides, and I love the feminine fabric (my husband and I each have our own bathroom, it's okay).  

I also have the Windex Touch-up on our sink counters throughout the condo.  They have one for bathrooms and one for kitchens.  You can refill the pump, too.  I like how you could (theoretically) clean the sink and mirror if you happened to spit toothpaste everywhere.  

So far it looks promising!  


  1. The hanging organizer for the wall is a great idea for all of the beauty supplies i have all over my counter! Currently my bathroom is a mess so this would probably keep it looking a lot nicer.


    1. things are so much easier to find...especially with the clear pockets! Thanks for reading :)