Lindsay Gill: Organization 2014 Day 1: Donate, consign, return

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Organization 2014 Day 1: Donate, consign, return

As promised, I'm starting with the one post per day for complete home organization in January.  Today is DAY 1....are you with me?!  

A friend just told me about her compulsive shopping and hoarding in-laws.  Not just collect-lots-of-things hoarding but real hoarding...the kind where there is no path from the door to the kitchen.  These are real problems for some people.

Though not everyone has such extreme habits, I definitely think many people have too much stuff.  So, you guessed it...

Today's challenge is to set-up a system.  Get at least three large boxes (or storage boxes...even better) and label them.  I suggest "eBay/consign," "Donate," "Fix/Mend/Alter," or "Return to owner."  Since I had already started these collections, I just dropped off about seven trash bags full of stuff to the Goodwill today (a perfect one day late for a tax write-off).  But, now we can start our new collections for 2014.

Can't I just put things in a pile and I'll know that they are going to be donated at some point?  NO!  Especially if you live with others, this won't work.  Set aside the boxes in a place out of the way (ours is in the basement).  Let your family members know about your new system and this will also help them sort through their stuff.  

I posted a while back on decluttering with my eBay iPhone app.  Keeping all of your eBay/consign things together in one box is important if you are selling many things at one time.  This way, if someone buys something you know exactly where it is, and can bring it over to the post office with no stress.  For consigning, I use "Once Upon a Child" in my area for child consignment and put the money we get into Luke's college fund.

Alright...go get your boxes ready!  Please leave a comment if you plan to join me on this challenge (Mom...), I'd love to hear your feedback!  Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY sponsored by Courtney.Stitches!

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