Lindsay Gill: One year old birthday party (on a budget) checklist

Thursday, January 9, 2014

One year old birthday party (on a budget) checklist

Luke is turning ONE in 6 short days!  A chance to celebrate a full year of life, and a chance to start new traditions for his birthday.

Winter birthdays are tough here in New England!  The weather warnings say a few minutes outside could be dangerous.  I really wanted to try to make this celebration about Luke rather than the adults.

Here's my checklist to organize my thoughts (since I'm running out of time!):


  • Save the date text (I chose a Saturday morning  because Luke is best in the morning and worked around his usual nap time...but you never know.)
  • It will be about 1 hour (they lose interest quickly, and will need another nap soon!)
  • Real invites are still on the to-do list, but I made these for the family party.


  • Luke loves music, so I knew that I wanted to do a music theme.  We called a few "music centers" that do music classes for babies and kids and they gave us estimates that were out of our budget range.  Luckily, my grandfather plays the banjo and mandolin and agreed to learn some Wee Song songs and play music for the party! 
  • We will have it at our condo which is fairly well baby-proofed.  The music places said their only rule was that we don't get any food on the floor...ummmm how??? It's much more enjoyable for babies and their parents when the venue is safe and exploreable (is that a word?)
  • No-shoes policy so that everyone can crawl and walk around with little to no dirt in their mouths.
  • We're going to serve puffs and other finger snacks that don't require bibs or too much parent intervention.  Pizza and cake get very messy especially since we don't have high chairs to go around!  Luke would probably choose Puffs over pizza and cake, anyway!  Poor Luke doesn't get cake on his birthday????  Don't worry...he the family party!
  • Make banners like my friend NK did with photos from 1 month - 12 months.  
  • Get lots of balloons!  As long as your little one isn't scared of them.
  • I'm going to try to make each baby a drum from an empty formula can, and shakers from plastic Easter eggs.  I'll post on how this goes.  The drum and shaker will be part of their goody-bag!  
  • The homemade drum and shaker.  Maybe some animal crackers.  
Thank-you notes:
  • Snapfish is my go-to for photo projects and I plan to make thank yous with the same 1-12 month photos...or photos from the party...I haven't decided yet.  If you're not on a budget...get personalized stamps from Zazzle!  
Okay experienced Mamas...what am I missing?  Leave a comment!

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