Lindsay Gill: (New) Blogger Confession

Friday, January 10, 2014

(New) Blogger Confession

As I looked around the condo tonight, I felt compelled to share the mess that we call home.  Let's take a break from the Organization 2014 challenge, and get real.  

There was an article that my mom shared with me, correlating the time one spends on Facebook with their level of sadness...and I just saw a Pin talking about looking at Pinterest and feeling depressed afterwards.  Are we looking at the lives of others through the small focus of a camera?  Through the lens that captures the good but blocks out the bad and the ugly?

My friend who was expecting her first child was asking me questions about what to expect.  She mentioned that she couldn't believe I was blogging during nap time...she assumed that would be the time to cook and clean.  Ideally, maybe she's right.  But my confession today is that my blogging is fairly selfish.  I found myself walking around with Luke saying, "Mama needs to go pee-pee....Mama needs to eat something....Mama needs to...."   Because the truth is:

Mushed up butternut squash etc.

Graham crackers, drum sticks, and...towels.


Rice cake crumbs

We don't always remember our bib.
Dishes from...Monday?

You need the sleep deprivation stamina of a MD resident.
You need the instincts of a Mama bear.
You need the patience of a bird-watcher.
You need the compassion of a Kindergarten teacher.
You need the medical knowledge of a Pediatrician.
You need to multitask, learn quickly on your feet, and adapt, and nothing can prepare for it.

Being a new mom can be lonely!   It can be overwhelming.  I've thought to myself many times that I'm fairly smart...why can't I be better at this?  Why?  Because this is a whole new ball-game.  Your SAT score doesn't mean a thing.  Your interview skills don't matter.  And this little angel needs you.  

I can't get over how vulnerable these little babies are.  They are so precious, and God trusts us so much with them.  But He sprinkles in some inspiration every once in a while.  Like when Luke chews his yogurt, or takes 16 steps in a row!  We couldn't be prouder.  

One of my other friends lost her baby.  She had asked a few questions about Luke and I gave some sort of rambling answer.  She replied that "all he needs is love."  From the voice of someone who only wanted to give love, she's right.  Love your babies.  The dishes (crumbs, trash, and just total mess) can wait.  Have fun, be silly, cuddle.  

I did see a blogger "resign" from her blog yesterday because it was taking away from her children.  I want to make it a point to only work on my posts during nap time or bed time, because choosing the computer over Luke would certainly defeat the purpose.  

I write this to you, but mostly to myself.  I blog for myself.  To keep my thoughts straight.  To "talk" to someone other than myself.  To share with others who share the title of "mommy," and with those who don't.  I would hate to ever give the impression that I've got things under control.  I don't...and may never.  But I blog to share what helps me, so that together, we can raise our angels better than we can alone.

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