Lindsay Gill: January 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 31: Entry way

Today is the last day of the organization challenge!  I have to be honest...I'm thrilled!  Not only was this an organization challenge for me, but it was also a blogging challenge to post everyday.  I'm looking forward to doing more spontaneous and varied posting.

That being said...the challenge truly worked for us!  Sure, the condo still looks like this sometimes, but now the cleaning process is much quicker and more efficient now that we have systems in place.  Most importantly, we don't lose things as often which was the inspiration behind the challenge.

Today's challenge is to set up a good "drop off" system for coming in the house.  This means keys, mail, and any other important things that might get thrown to the side by accident when you fall through the front door after a long day at work.

We are loving our new hanging organizer from ThirtyOne.  Yes, it needs to be emptied out and filed properly in our file cabinet but it is a much better solution than throwing everything on the table. 

I'd love to hear feedback on the whole process...did you feel like we missed something?  Was there a day that was easy for you, a day that was very difficult for you?  I'm definitely going to use this 31 day schedule to do "maintenance" organization and I hope you do too!

Lastly, I want to thank Lindsey at The Wise Baby for featuring me and Luke!  Check out our list of favorite products here!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 30: Socks

Today is DAY 30 of the organization challenge.  Today's challenge is to set up a system for socks.  

Here's my suggestion...use small clothes pins.  Socks are clipped together DIRTY by the wearer (or the mama/daddy if it is for a child/baby) AS they are taking them off!

Then they go into hamper, washer, dryer, and basket always paired up...and just throw them into the sock drawer!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 29: Momsieblog's Thrive-Worthy Morning

Today’s post will also be linked up with Dana over at Momsieblog!  Dana has kindly answered my call for help in finishing up our month of organization!  Check out her blog...I love her writing style, I find myself smiling while reading her posts!  Take it away, Dana!
"We’re talking Organization, my friends, and Lindsay, brave Lindsay, has  decided to post every day of the month of January about all things straightened, labelled, collated, and dare I say, TIDY.  Yep.  She’s doing something organized every day of the month.
My brain hurts a little bit just thinking about it.  I am doing good to just sidle up warily to  my weekly checklists with Organize This - Lindsay’s doing something spic ‘n span-ish for 31 days in a ROW.   I KNOW.  She’s like the Olympics.
And I’m gonna add my two cents.  My input to the Olympian Organization Challenge will be sorta like the Curling event – not really meriting much attention except for a few raised eyebrows, but surely not lacking in zeal.  This post is going to tackle what was once my favorite time of day:

Morning time. (dun, dun, DUN.)

When I say “once” I really mean, “I don’t really remember; I think it was before children.”
Here is a small diagram:
Ok, so after I had kids I really thought I still had it going on for mornings.  I would get up, grab my coffee, and tackle my day with gusto and a lot of To Do lists.  This lasted approximately two weeks.
Ya’ll,  I got tired.  So often my mornings were spent fuzzily reaching for coffee, pouring it over my Cheerios, and sloshing creamer into my orange juice.  After that, I started to lose my enthusiasm.  My mornings started to look like this:
I think she’s rather cute.
I had pajama pants for every day of the week.  I specialized in walking around aimlessly from room to room with a cold cup of coffee in my hand muttering the lyrics to Come on Get Happy.  I had completed the epic task of feeding two toddlers breakfast.    Something in me kinda died inside when I realized that simply cleaning up the kitchen would take up to an hour some mornings simply because toddlers UNHINGE THINGS.  They can take a simple bowl of Cheerios and turn it into a performance art involving linoleum, milk,  a lot of zeal, and two spoons.
I guess the biggest red flag to demonstrate to you that my mornings had become seriously disabled: I started using these:
The scrunchie. If this isn’t a call for help from any tired out momsie, I don’t know what is.
So, I did the only thing I could:
a.  Got my hair did and threw away the scrunchies.  BEGONE 80′s!  You only belong on my Pandora station!  Not in mah hair!
b.  I made a plan to not only “survive” mornings, but to make them THRIVE.  Mornings need to be thrive-worthy.  Why?  Because they are the diving board for the rest of the day.  I wish to swan dive, people!  No more belly flop mornings.


1.  Show up early with your game face on:
The night before I set out my computer, my coffee cup, my journal and any morning reading I plan to be doing (usually this) and then…  (wait for it) I get up 20 minutes earlier than I think I should.  Yep, you heard me.  There is always 20 minutes in there that you can eek out.   It helps.  If you can, set that alarm across the room, break your snooze, get your hubs to elbow you viciously when the thing starts beeping, but GET UP JUST 20 MINUTES EARLIER.
2. Allow for a warmup:  First thing I do is I drop and plank for one minute, every morning.  Why? Because I am a STUD.  Ok, well really, it is only  possible for me to plank  because I can do so without thinking or counting or really doing anything that involves major synapses firing and basic intelligence. All I have to do is plank and stare at my phone’s timer.  But, and I know you know this:  PLANKING WAKES UP LIKE EVERY MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY.  Even my cheek muscles  (I’m talking the ones in my face) are working.  I do this every morning, for at least a minute.  From there, sometimes I go into a few downward dogs or maybe a sunrise pose, but that’s only when my studliness has decided to go off the charts for the day.  60 seconds.  Add a bit each week.  Get the blood working.
3.  Hydrate with flair:  This might seem frivolous but to me, it was important.  I needed a good reward in my morning.  I now am the proud owner of a great coffee grinder and I indulge in the good stuff every morning.  If you are not a coffee drinker than, well, bless your heart.  Get yourself some GOOD tea or a great juice that YOU love and you don’t have to share.  Stop it with the sharing and the Dollar Saver coffee.  Just stop it.

While you savor that first cup – read something inspirational, spiritual.  Journal about 5 things you are grateful for.  Take a breath, and whatever you do, do NOT (I repeat do NOT) check email, myface, spacebook, the tweetings, or any other sort of yahoo time sucker.  That comes later.
4.  Have a fuel plan:  In my house, we have a daily breakfast and dinner menu that is SOLID.  This simple little posting has saved me many mornings from fuzzy thinking. Fuzzy thinking like asking (at 7:45 am) “What do you want for breakfast, my sweet darlings?”  I know.  So not a good idea.  If you really feel like they should have some sort of (fake) say in their world, have them work up the menu plan with you.
photo 4 (2)
I apologize for smearing on the chart.  Blonde wanted to sabotage the menu chart with “hotdog day” and it ended up looking rather…. well like something you’d come up against in a 7th grade sex ed diagram.  It got nixed.
And by the way, when the sweet darlings sit and eat their porridge, what should you do?  You SIT and EAT too.  Listen to your Momsie.
5.  Run drills – pee wee version:  Also on our daily menu plan?  Chores.  Little chores for the littles.  Blonde sweeps.  Every day after breakfast, rain or shine, cereal performance art or no, he sweeps.  Red wipes.  I then go back and do it again after they leave, but it’s part of the plan.  We are training them up to eventually TAKE OVER ALL CHORES FOR THE ENTIRE HOUSE.  That’s why we have children, right?  Labor? It’s only fair.*
While they do their chores, get dressed.  In real clothes.  Add lip gloss.  Fold the jammies lovingly and bid them a fond farewell.  You will miss them,  I know.  Avoid mom jeans as well.  Invest in some cute stuff that you can wear with a degree of sophistication.  (Breaking this down:  If sloth lady is a 1 and Angelina Jolie is a 10, you want to go for a 5 or so.  You can do this.)
6.  Run drills – Momsie version:  Momsie also has chores.  I have split up the basic “How to make sure my house is somewhat tidy and clean” chores and assigned to the days of the week.  Sunday is my day off, of course.  Jesus said so.
7.  Take a break:  After breakfast, cleanup, morning chores, and the horrible run in with planking, sit down, have a cup, re-read your morning devotional, rest.  This is important.  Then, plan your day.  Get out of the house.  Figure out the shopping list for a project you want to tackle.  Plan your spring garden.  Get the big picture in play, if you wish.  But don’t attempt this until after steps 1-6.  Otherwise, you might get sideswiped by the constant tangled distractions of life.  Ok, which means, NOW you can check the facespace, mybook, endless chirpings, and other drizzles.  Perhaps set a timer.  I speak from experience.
9.  Prepare to lose a few morning games:  Eyes on the prize and all that until…  a kid is sick, the dryer blows up, or you really just kinda miss this pretty lady:
What? I have pearls on. I can’t be that bad.
There is nothing wrong with an occasional Jammie Day.  My toddlers love this:  We eat pancakes (on Wednesday?  So not on schedule!  Rebel!) and we watch Curious George (bad for our brains!  Whatever!  Livin’ on the edge!), cuddle for extra innings on the couch (but what about fresh air?  gasp!  You’re outta control!) And. we might even sneak out a scrunchie or two.  Nobody needs to know. 
The nice thing is – if you stick to a plan like above, Sweet Momsie Sloth of the Cute Jammies can show up once in a while.  And she will have her coffee with lots of creamer, but free from guilt and stress, for sure.
Recipe for Momsie’s Famous Oatmeal that Even Blonde Likes: (makes two good servings)
Bring saucepan of 3-4 cups of water to boil.  Before the boil, throw in about 4 handfuls of oats, NOT instant.
(The ratio is water to oats 2:1, so you can adjust accordingly. But you know I don’t like to measure so I use handfuls.  Handful = 1/2 cup).
Add a pinch of salt and allow oats to come to a boil.  As SOON as they do so, stir and turn OFF burner.  We like our oats a little chewy.  You can simmer gently up to 5 minutes but I think this is too mushy.  Anyway, if you allow this stuff to simmer it has a tendency to suddenly rise up in rebellion and bubble over all bubble, bubble, toil and trouble-like.  Not pretty.
Take off heat.  Add raisins, craisins, and a finely cut up apple.  Or a banana.  Or some strawberries.  Whatevs.
Add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, dash of vanilla.
Add a tablespoon each of wheat germ and flax seed.  I keep these around in my (beloved) mason jars and throw them into every baked good or hot cereal item I can.  I use Mom Guilt Brand Flax-seed and Wheat germ.  Great stuff.
Also, add a glug or two of molasses or honey.  If none available, use brown sugar.  Throw in a pat of butter when oatmeal is no longer molten.  Stir to glossy perfection.  Top with a bit of milk.
Oh, at last minute, sprinkle like 5 chocolate chips on top with a HUGE flourish.  The toddlers will be all:  YOU DA BOMB MOMSIE!  YOU DA BESTEST EVERRRRRRRR.
This adoration of the Momsie will continue for about 5 minutes.  Along with one more cup of coffee.
*Get it?  “LABOR”??  I know.  Hilarious.  I’ll be here all blog."

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 28: The Mornings

This is a repost from when I started blogging back in August.  I'm proud to say that our mornings have been going much smoother than they were in August!

"It's better to be late than to arrive ugly," says Darcy Gilmore, make-up artist.  But what if we're arriving to work late and ugly!?

This morning I was running late to work, (I thought my start time was 15 minutes later than it actually was).  That was no problem because my co-worker graciously was able to come in a few minutes early to cover for me.  This was all until I realized I forgot Luke's milk at home!  I hate being late!  It gives me quite a bit of anxiety.  This morning inspired me to work on planning my mornings better.  Here's what I found:

1.  Do the obvious:  pack lunches and bags the night before.  Lay out clothes. Empty out school bags from school to make sure there is no paperwork to fill out.  (You have double the amount of school backpacks when your husband is a teacher!)

2.  I have a small white board that I plan to hang right next to the door.  This way, we can write important notes for ourselves or each other.  For example, "DON'T FORGET LUKE'S MILK!"  I find I can sleep better, too, knowing that I've written down what I need to do in the morning.  This is also nice since my husband and I are leaving at different times, we can write each other notes for a seamless morning.

3.  Leave enough travel time.  Leave time for traffic or inclement weather.  For some reason, I always tend to leave just enough time to drive to work.  If there is traffic, my heart races in fear that I won't be in time.  Leaving about 10 minutes earlier than usual is so worth it.  That gives you about 10 minutes to either sit in the car and collect your thoughts, or get into the office and start the day peacefully.  If you look around at other commuters, so many people are getting road rage and are drinking their coffee ferociously.  Let's try a different approach to the morning.

4.  Set your clocks a few minutes ahead of time.

5.  Seriously (re)consider what you need to do and the time it takes you to do it.  I know I have a false sense of how long it takes to get Luke ready, especially since I don't want to rush him with his bottle before we leave.

Of course there will be days where things don't line up and you might be late anyway, like this morning.  In this case, I made the appropriate calls to work and then just took a few deep breaths.  I truly believe many things happen for a reason.  Maybe I avoided a crash or saw someone I wouldn't have otherwise seen.  Try to keep perspective on things and use the time to make a list of everything you're thankful for, including the co-workers who have to make arrangements while you're on your way! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 27: Kid Artwork

Today is brought to you by my awesome-mama-friend NS.  She shared her system to keep kid artwork organized...something that I haven't really experienced yet!  She writes...

"...We have clipboards hanging on the wall to easily display and change kids art work. Whenever they do something really special, we keep it in a flex folder so it stays in good shape and organized by year. Pro tip: only keep the REALLY special stuff. Everything seems special, but it adds up fast. Be choosy and toss the not great stuff and make grandparent gifts out of the okay stuff..."

Thank you NS!  What a great idea.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 26: Recycling

DAY 26 Organization challenge is to get a good system set up for the recycling!  These are normal pieces of furniture, right? Wrong!  They conceal the recycling until it is taken out!  Do you recycle?  What is your recycling system?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 25: Pantries

Today is day 25 of the Organization Challenge....we are almost there!  Today's challenge could be quite involved...depending on your kitchen.   Today's challenge is to organize the kitchen pantries.  I love that my mom has these circular gadgets in there to help find things without destroying the order!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 24: Medicine cabinet

The Organization challenge for today, DAY 24, is the medicine cabinet or closet!  The last thing you want to do when you have any illness is to rummage through the medicines finding which one is appropriate for your ailment.  This happens to be my mother's medicine closet!  She's got it all...from finger splints to aloe.  We certainly kept her busy.  (Note the medical dictionary on the top shelf...she doesn't mess around.)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 23: Recipes

Organization DAY 23 Challenge is to organize your recipes.  Below is a gift from my grandmother, and she added some of her most-loved family recipes...such a great gift idea!

The pages have a plastic cover to shield against spills, and there are different tabs for each category of recipe.

How do you keep your recipes organized?  Check out this Create Your Own Collected Recipes Cookbook - Brown & Copper recipe organizer!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 22: Labels in the kitchen

Another post inspired by my Mom...can you tell I'm running out of ideas??  She recently added labels to the shelves in her kitchen.   Not because she forgot where everything goes...but because the family members that "help" often put them in the wrong place and then things no longer fit nicely!  They are on the inside so they are not "eye sores."  

Today's DAY 22 Organization Challenge is to organize your kitchen shelves whether it be with labels or another idea you have.

If you have another idea...please share!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 21: Winter gear

Organization 2014 DAY 21 is brought to you Mom!  

The snow started today around noon and is predicted to keep comin' for a while.  This meant that wearing flats to work was inappropriate...I had very cold feet walking to and from the car in the inches of snow!

Which leads us to....winter gear organization!  I had my Mom send me a picture of her system that has been working for us every since I can remember.  Right now, she has them organized by gear type, but when we all lived at home, we each had our own box that held all of our gear.

(If you're from a warmer climate...organize your sunscreen, hats, and goggles? Or take the day off and go to the beach!)

How do you all organize your winter gear?  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 20: Family Organization Board

Central to home organization is the creation of a family organization board in the heart of your home. This DIY project will have your whole family running like a well oiled machine. The chores will be done, the menu will be planned, the schedule will be shared with everyone and your budget will be better off. Sound great? It is! Even better, its incredibly easy and only takes a few steps:

1.  Choose Your Location
- This should be somewhere the entire family congregates that has open wall space available. In my house its on the wall next to our refrigerator. That way its visible by everyone and becomes a part of our daily life.

2.  Pick Your Bulletin Board - There is a huge variety of bulletin board shapes, sizes & prices. Find a board that will fit your space & budget. At the same time you may want to think about what all you plan to accomplish with this board. The more your family needs to organize - the more space you'll need. Our bulletin board is two feet by three feet. I didn't like the edge on the board, so I spray painted mine black. Feel free to jazz yours up to compliment your decor.

3.  Fill Up Your Bulletin Board - Our family has a small calendar, meal plan, weekly home management to do list, and annual home management to do list. I use a piece of plastic transparency over each list so that I can write on them with a wet erase marker and use them over and over. You might also consider having a list of emergency numbers, or a babysitter information sheet. These are the primary items on your board - so create a layout on your board that will work for you.

4.  Leaving Room For The Extras - In the empty space left over on your bulletin board, put a small supply of colorful push pins to attach papers as needed. Our board always has a collection of coupons and reminders of upcoming events in the open space. No more digging through your house looking for the coupon you know you have but can't put your fingers on.
After only four simple steps, you've created a family organization board in the heart of your home. Happy organizing!

This guest post was written by Tiffany at Wife.Mother.Teacher. A blog focused on sharing a passion of home management with modern, working moms. At Wife.Mother.Teacher. you'll find posts about living Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, organizing your life, finding great deals and giveaways & balancing work, home and self each day. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Organization DAY 19: Baby's room

What a wonderful weekend of making memories!  We had a weekend-getaway birthday celebration for Luke at a hotel in Rome, NY which is half way between our two families.  It was so nice to not only celebrate a year of Luke learning, growing, and making people fall in love with him, but to also celebrate a year of us being parents.  

Luke got a bunch of new clothes as gifts, so that inspired today's Organization DAY 19 challenge:  organize something in the baby's room.  I chose Luke's closet and his changing table.  

Cultivating a little picture perfect nursery is all well and good...until your baby can move...and then things get dangerous.  We keep all of Luke's clothes in his closet which has been working really well.  The changing table has partially become a book shelf because Luke loves exploring that area.

Today, I want to get that a bit more organized.  I used an empty wipe container for his socks...and the empty formula container for the plug covers.  I'd love to get a hanging shelf on the wall above the changing table for all of the non-baby-proof items and leave the lower portion for the books and toys that Luke can access.

How do you keep your nursery organized?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Organization DAY 18: You choose!

Mostly because we're our of town, but also because you need some organization freedom, today's challenge is your choice! 

Leave your choice in the comments! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Organization DAY 17: File cabinet

Today's challenge is to organize your file cabinet.  This is perfect timing to get everything ready for taxes, too.  There are so many gorgeous filing system ideas on Pinterest but I'd like to stay simple (and on our budget) with this small filing box that does the trick!

Another part of today's challenge is to go paperless with as many bills as you feel comfortable with.  This definitely reduces the amount of filing.  

Lastly, make a pile of old papers that you don't need and bring them to the nearest shredder.  If you don't have one, Staples charges by the pound but I think it's worth it for the peace of mind.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Organization Day 16: Passwords

Organization DAY 16!  You may be feeling mid-challenge organization blues.  I am!  I miss posting on whatever inspires me rather than whatever organizes me!  But we're more than half way there, and I'm not going to quit.  Today is an easy day...because tomorrow is going to be more involved!

Today's challenge is virtual.  Organizing your online passwords!  I can't even guess the number of times that I've clicked "Change password" and had to go through the resetting process.  

Some people use the same password for most things, and I have used repeat passwords myself.  But that can be dangerous so they really should be different.  Here is what I suggest!  You could write them down in an old address book...or spend a few dollars and get The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book.

Now obviously this has to go in a safe place!  But it is probably safer than jotting down passwords on scrap paper and losing the scrap paper.  

Do you have trouble remembering your passwords?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Organization DAY 15: Surfaces

Today is DAY 15 of the Organization Challenge!  Today, clean off and organize the surfaces of the mantle and other furniture.  Decorating the mantle and these surfaces will be another day!  Our mantle was full of Luke's baby pictures but I'm excited to create some artwork to hang here (along with some Luke pictures!)

Organization 2014 DAY 14: Baby friendly kitchen

Today's DAY 14 challenge is to make a baby friendly area in the kitchen!  This counts as organizing because Luke will play with his "pots and pans" instead of taking out all of the real ones.
I emptied out his favorite cabinet and put in some sensory type items and it really kept him busy! 

Do you have any baby-friendly kitchen ideas? 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Organization 2014 DAY 13: Laundry baskets

DAY 13 Challenge is to organize your laundry system.  We have trouble mixing clean clothes with dirty clothes.  

I had posted this idea earlier...I weaved ribbon through the clean basket!  This will help (maybe) keep the dirty clothes separated from the clean ones until I get a chance to put then away! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blogger Question and Answers

I've been tagged by Toni over at One Chocolate Box for blogging Q&A! 

Decorating cookies
When did you first start blogging and why? 
August 2013 because I was working part time and wanted to stay creative while home with my new little angel.  I just posted on this here...

Have you had any past online presence?
No, just social media.

When did you become serious about your blog? 
I'm still not serious about it.  I want it to have constant and never ending improvement but I'm serious about bring a mom and wife first.  It's really for "me" time and being part of a community.  

What was your first blog post? 
 My first post was An End to Our Transition.  We had so many life changes in such a short time and I needed to collect my thoughts.

What have been your biggest challenges blogging? 
Learning the ins and outs of blog design.  I am a creative person and I get frustrated when I can't make my blog look exactly how I imagine it.  

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 
The reward is selfish, feeling like I got something off my chest.  I also hope that I can reach others with my posts on things like Gestational Diabetes so that I can sum up what I learned to ease their journey.

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging? 
Again, not knowing enough about the technical side of blogging.  And of course, the post that gets a low number of views.

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation? 
My frustration with certain parts of being a new mom, new wife, and new everything!  I keep trying to make life easier and more organized and want to share that with others.

What is your blogging dirty little secret? 
Hmmm...I don't know!  

What is your current goal as a blogger? 
To not get obsessed with it.  To not blog when I'm with Luke.  To limit my time and effort that I spend on the blog each day.  It can easily be consuming!

Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise? 
Sort of the opposite.  I thought my number one topic would be DIY projects and I have posted less of these than I anticipated.

Thanks, Toni!  Now I'm tagging Meg at Why Not, Not Why, and Mary Leigh at Thrift for Today!

Organization 2014 DAY 12: The bathroom

DAY 12 organization challenge is organize a bathroom! It's another re-post.

Here is what we're working with:

I picked up this organizing hanger from Marshall's for $9.99.

It has a ton mini-zippered pockets on both sides, and I love the feminine fabric (my husband and I each have our own bathroom, it's okay).  

I also have the Windex Touch-up on our sink counters throughout the condo.  They have one for bathrooms and one for kitchens.  You can refill the pump, too.  I like how you could (theoretically) clean the sink and mirror if you happened to spit toothpaste everywhere.  

So far it looks promising!  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Organization challenge DAY 11: Closets

My break from the Organization challenge yesterday was a needed one.  I wanted to tell overwhelmed moms and non-moms that they're doing a good job.  I will say that even though our condo was a disaster yesterday, the organization challenge implementations that we have done so far made it a really quick clean up this morning!  By golly it's working!  So let's keep on keepin' on.

This is a re-post from September...because the organization challenge for today, DAY 11, is to clean at least one closet.  We chose the one by the front door.

We got an organizer from Target :
Now we each have a cubby, there is a cubby for mail, one for things that need to go to Nana's house and a cubby for plastic bags.

There is also a spot for toys that need to be cleaned.  I realized once it was too late that my label could be seen as inappropriate. 

Now all the shoes are organized for quick departures as well with this shoe organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Friday, January 10, 2014

(New) Blogger Confession

As I looked around the condo tonight, I felt compelled to share the mess that we call home.  Let's take a break from the Organization 2014 challenge, and get real.  

There was an article that my mom shared with me, correlating the time one spends on Facebook with their level of sadness...and I just saw a Pin talking about looking at Pinterest and feeling depressed afterwards.  Are we looking at the lives of others through the small focus of a camera?  Through the lens that captures the good but blocks out the bad and the ugly?

My friend who was expecting her first child was asking me questions about what to expect.  She mentioned that she couldn't believe I was blogging during nap time...she assumed that would be the time to cook and clean.  Ideally, maybe she's right.  But my confession today is that my blogging is fairly selfish.  I found myself walking around with Luke saying, "Mama needs to go pee-pee....Mama needs to eat something....Mama needs to...."   Because the truth is:

Mushed up butternut squash etc.

Graham crackers, drum sticks, and...towels.


Rice cake crumbs

We don't always remember our bib.
Dishes from...Monday?

You need the sleep deprivation stamina of a MD resident.
You need the instincts of a Mama bear.
You need the patience of a bird-watcher.
You need the compassion of a Kindergarten teacher.
You need the medical knowledge of a Pediatrician.
You need to multitask, learn quickly on your feet, and adapt, and nothing can prepare for it.

Being a new mom can be lonely!   It can be overwhelming.  I've thought to myself many times that I'm fairly smart...why can't I be better at this?  Why?  Because this is a whole new ball-game.  Your SAT score doesn't mean a thing.  Your interview skills don't matter.  And this little angel needs you.  

I can't get over how vulnerable these little babies are.  They are so precious, and God trusts us so much with them.  But He sprinkles in some inspiration every once in a while.  Like when Luke chews his yogurt, or takes 16 steps in a row!  We couldn't be prouder.  

One of my other friends lost her baby.  She had asked a few questions about Luke and I gave some sort of rambling answer.  She replied that "all he needs is love."  From the voice of someone who only wanted to give love, she's right.  Love your babies.  The dishes (crumbs, trash, and just total mess) can wait.  Have fun, be silly, cuddle.  

I did see a blogger "resign" from her blog yesterday because it was taking away from her children.  I want to make it a point to only work on my posts during nap time or bed time, because choosing the computer over Luke would certainly defeat the purpose.  

I write this to you, but mostly to myself.  I blog for myself.  To keep my thoughts straight.  To "talk" to someone other than myself.  To share with others who share the title of "mommy," and with those who don't.  I would hate to ever give the impression that I've got things under control.  I don't...and may never.  But I blog to share what helps me, so that together, we can raise our angels better than we can alone.