Lindsay Gill: Married before Pinterest Part 4: Goin' to the chapel

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Married before Pinterest Part 4: Goin' to the chapel

Today is our two year anniversary.  Here's Part 4...

The wedding was on Saturday.  I left Buffalo, hitching a ride with my future brother-in-law and sister-in-law on Thursday afternoon.  John Paul would leave on Friday morning with his friend.  

I saw him for the first time at the church for the rehearsal on Friday night.  He stepped on my foot, and I had a huge black and blue bruise.  Attractive!
Rehearsal dinner

Bruised foot
 The rehearsal dinner was great.  My grandfather played the banjo, and my sister-in-law put together a slideshow of our childhood photos.  Now it was finally Saturday morning...

Fun fact: I forgot to add a line for the guest's name on the reply card.  We played a matching game with the responses.  "Who has a family of 3 that likes chicken....Oh I know!"
My hair dresser was calm and laid back.
My cousin Maria did my make-up.  Fun fact:  seconds after Maria finished my eye make-up I was doing the messy cry.  Why?  Because I had to brush my teeth, and my toothbrush was in my suitcase, the suitcase was in the limo...I broke down into tears.

Fun fact: I really wanted this shot!

First dance to "Everything" Michael Buble.  We took dance lessons!

Father/daughter dance to "My Wish" Rascal Flatts
A messy cry dancing with my two grandfathers

Of course there are all books and checklists for the newly engaged, so you've got that covered.  Some details that I thought were nice touches, though?  Flip flops for the dancers.  Those feet hurt!  Little welcome bags in the hotels.  We had classy pens as our wedding favor.  I got our parents and grandparents embroidered handkerchiefs, embroidered in the color of their dresses, for the women.  My brothers played trumpet, my nephew played the flute, my sister-in-law sang, and a family friend sang during the ceremony.  A cousin flew in from Ireland.

Night Rhythm made the wedding, they were AWESOME.  We even enjoy listening to their music on our wedding video.  People were dancing before dinner.  The music and energy was incomparable.  They are out of Boston, MA so if you are from around there, you really have to consider them!  Photographer Kathy Bunnell was great to work with, we love all of our photos.  She has a great laugh!  Our venue was The Delaney House.  We couldn't believe how friendly the staff was, especially on the night of.  Durocher Florist was great:  I flipped through some flower photo books and showed them what I liked, and I felt like they completely understood.  My girls wore this dress and my Maid of Honor wore this dress.  My dress can be found here, sans the satin sash.

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