Lindsay Gill: Happy Thanksgiving and a DIY Thanksgiving Onesie

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and a DIY Thanksgiving Onesie

Happy Thanksgiving! For Luke's first Thanksgiving, I made him a special onesie!  He was supposed to match his cousin in Buffalo but we will be sticking around here instead due to the snow.  
You will need fabric for the tie, a onesie, 2 D-rings and ribbon (about 1 inch wide) 

I sketched out the tie on the back of the fabric.

For the D-ring, sew a rectangle on the top of the suspender, then add the ring and sew a large rectangle below it.  The tie turned out a little crooked but I still think it will be super cute! (If you don't want a crooked tie, order from this Etsy
shop, her onesies look perfect!)

What am I thankful for?  A million things, but here are a few:

1.  My best friend and husband John Paul
2.  Our little angel, Luke
3.  Our health, and being post-partum diabetes free! Great doctors that took care of me and my Luke during my pregnancy and delivery
4.  Our jobs that are not just jobs but fulfilling careers
5.  Our wonderful family on both sides
6.  Our wonderful friends in Buffalo and scattered around the US, and our new wonderful friends in CT
7.  2 more healthy babies in the family, our new nephew Zach and niece Olivia
8.  Our condo!  With heat and food
9.  Of course our freedom, so many people have fought and are fighting for that
10.  Safe traveling
11.  A great daycare for Luke, a great Nana to watch him on Wednesdays, and great babysitters along the way
12.  So many friends and family members that have supported us and helped us with Luke so far.
13.  My new blog and creative outlet! And my readers like you!
14.  JP almost finished with his grad program!
15.  Luke growing healthy and strong, and learning new things every day.  

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