Lindsay Gill: Apple Brie Crescent Roll Appetizer

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Apple Brie Crescent Roll Appetizer

I made these Apple Brie Crescent Rolls when I hosted our Thirty-One party!  

The original recipe is from here.  
1.  Place a small piece of peeled apple (I used Macintosh), a small piece of Brie, a pecan, and a touch of honey on a crescent roll dough triangle.  
2.  Roll it up!
3.  The original recipe says to seal the edges so that the Brie doesn't leak out, but that definitely takes away from the "crescent" look.
4. Bake on 375 for 10 minutes.

Mine came out a bit too doughy.  I would recommend cutting the crescent pieces in half.  Or my friend NG suggested keeping the dough as one piece, putting the brie, peacans, apple, and honey in the middle.  Then cover with a second piece of dough and bake that way.  The nice thing is that even if you "mess up," the ingredients are all so delicious that the final product is still great!  Here is the final photo from the original site:

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