Lindsay Gill: Waking up is really hard

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Waking up is really hard

I had to wake up my little Luke for school this morning.  I hate when I have to wake him.  Here is a little inspiration for the day...followed by a challenge!

Taken from a meditation book that was a gift back in high school

My challenge for you, for today, is two-fold:

1.  I was thinking about how often people offer help that I deny, maybe out of habit.  Can I help you carry that?  No, I'm fine.  Do you want me to help with anything?  No, I've got it.  Try something new today and accept any help that is offered.  These can be insignificant or significant offers, accept them!  See how this affects  your day (or back pain).  

2.  Enter to win the original LindsayKateArt matted photography here!  You have nothing to lose, except some wall space if you hang it up, and let's face it...your chances of winning are pretty good!  

Update: My post on Gestational Diabetes is featured on Momma Friendly blog today, check it out!

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