Lindsay Gill: Upcycle formula containers

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Upcycle formula containers

The credit for this idea goes to my mom who is physically incapable of throwing away a good container.  What to do with all of those empty formula containers?  I found some Washi tape at Target (it took me a bit of googling to find the name of it, I thought it was "wasabi" tape..)  They also have Washi sheets for larger pieces.  (Side note: Target also has a gift aisle now?)

I removed the label (though I think the tape would cover the Similac label) and just wrapped the tape all around.  You don't even need scissors, you can just rip the tape.  I did a two-tone design shown above.  

Now I can use this to contain make-up brushes...tea bags...nail polish...sewing parts...or one for each since we have so-darn-many!  It looks like there are a ton of cute Washi tape designs on Etsy, too.  

Do you have any other ideas to upcycle formula containers? 

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