Lindsay Gill: Reinventing the wheel: Crockpot cooking

Friday, October 4, 2013

Reinventing the wheel: Crockpot cooking

Well, I'm just the happiest gal around.  A friend at work convinced me to get a Crockpot.  I say this is reinventing the wheel because these suckers have been around since the 1970's (I looked it up...), but they're new to me! Not sure which one to buy?  We bought this one.

I threw in: 
Stew beef cubed
Red potatoes 
Grape tomatoes 
Green and yellow zucchini 
Chicken broth 

I pushed a button for high temperarure cooking for 7.5 hours and hit the road with baby Luke to do some errands.  

When we came back, dinner was ready and the condo smelled of delicious stew. 

The very best part? We scooped a bit into the baby bullet and we had instant healthy and wholesome baby food.  Luke's at the age that he can explore table food but still needs some help purée-ing. He loved it and ate every last drop.  I'm so relieved that this could be a system that works for our little family!  

I can't wait to share our Crockpot creations!  

**Luke is 8.5 months, ask your Pediatrician before giving the baby any foods.**

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