Lindsay Gill: Married before Pinterest Part 3: Let the planning begin

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Married before Pinterest Part 3: Let the planning begin

First, catch up with Part 1 and Part 2.  Now, see if you can find the sentence that JP wrote when I accidentally left Blogger open on the computer.  I decided I would leave it.

Once you have a ring on your finger, you might not realize that people will want details IMMEDIATELY.  When is the wedding?  Where will it be? What are your colors? Did you start your registry?  I was not the girl that dreamed up her wedding ahead of time, I had no idea how to answer these questions.

We got engaged July 2, 2011.  So, you have to start somewhere.  I made some phone calls to the venue, the band, the florist, and the photographer during my work lunch break.  All parties involved said "yes" to the date I had somewhat randomly chosen.   This was so easy, why did everyone make such a big fuss about wedding planning?  I went to John Paul after work, sort of smugly, telling him that the wedding is almost all set!  I'm a natural!  But then...

What date?  That's a Sunday, we're not getting married on a Sunday.

I laid on the floor in fetal position in defeat.

John Paul calmly took the phone numbers from the people I had called, and figured out that a possible date was November 19, 2011.  That was 4 months away.  This was a bit more tricky since we were living in Buffalo, and the wedding would be in Massachusetts.  We had to do all of the booking/decisions either from afar, via my mom, or on quick trips into MA.  The nice thing about November is that everything costs (significantly) less than other times of the year.

We found my dress and the bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal and chose black as the penguin costumes the men would wear.  For the bridesmaids gifts, they each got fuzzy bathrobes for getting ready and a purse and necklace for the day of.  The men each got a personalized grooming kit that we filled with a toothbrush and other travel toiletries.

We had two beautiful showers and two Bachelorettes: one of each in Buffalo and one of each in Massachusetts!

Shower in Buffalo
Shower in MA
 What I learned throughout the planning process:

  1. Spend time and money on your shoes.  I can still remember the pain of removing my shoes half way through the wedding.  
  2. Your fiance might not be as interested in the wedding planning as you are.  That is okay.  
  3. Weddings bring out the best and worst in people.  This day might not fully be about you.  Everyone reacts to major life events differently.  Just go with it.
  4. A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime.  Our Pre-Cana aunt/uncle team taught us this.  They suggested having a party after 10 years of marriage instead.  Everyone says "congratulations" before you've really passed the tests of marriage!
Coming up...the wedding ceremony and reception on November 19th! 

**If you were paying attention, JP added: "and chose black as the penguin costumes the men would wear." What a jokester.  

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