Lindsay Gill: Married before Pinterest Part 2: The Engagement continues

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Married before Pinterest Part 2: The Engagement continues

First, catch up with Married before Pinterest Part 1: The Engagement.

...Once we made our phone calls, we started the drive to my now in-laws house to tell John Paul's parents.  We knocked on their door, and showed them my ring.  They were shocked and excited.  They made the announcement easier because six of John Paul's siblings and their families were coincidently already at his parents' house and were hanging out by the pool (John Paul is one of seven children).

His oldest sister and her husband ran out to get champagne, while the others circled around me, literally chanting my name, "Lindsay! Lindsay! Lindsay..."  

John Paul said that we couldn't stay long.  We got back in the car and headed to his house.  The Buffalo house had a nice wooden deck in the back.  When I got out of the car, I saw a beautifully set table with candles lit?  How were they lit?  Who did this?

Enter Mike D., John Paul's future best-man.  In a tuxedo.

I could not believe it!  I couldn't stop laughing/almost crying with overwhelming surprise but happiness.  There was a seven course meal planned, I had a printed menu at my place,  and next to me sat a dozen red roses.  I don't like fancy restaurants, so he brought the fancy restaurant to me.

From lobster to fresh fruit, and everything in between, we had a perfect meal.

Mike cleaned up everything while we went for a walk around our neighborhood.  When we got back, Mike had built a fire in our in the backyard.  Talk about planning!  I wouldn't have planned it any other way.

Next planning!

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