Lindsay Gill: Married before Pinterest Part 1: The Engagement

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Married before Pinterest Part 1: The Engagement

In theory, Pinterest should increase the creativity level in the world, right?  Maybe not.  As I sit here, flipping through ideas during Luke's nap time, I have to wonder: was I more creative before Pinterest?  Instead of finding ideas, did I just come up with them myself?  Something to consider...

Anyway, I wanted to share my wedding.  I wanted to reminisce.

It actually launched in March 2010, says Wikipedia, but it wasn't popular yet.  

The engagement:

I remember standing in the kitchen, I think I was doing dishes.  John Paul came up to me and asked if I wanted to go on a picnic to Letchworth State Park in about 2.5 weeks.  Sure, I responded, not thinking anything of it.  We had already established that he was the date planner, the romantic one in our relationship.  I think this happened because we were in Buffalo, NY, which was his hometown, and not mine, so he knew the restaurants to go to and the things to do.  

So I still was not suspicious when he packed our lunch, 2.5 weeks later.  But then, sort of with an attitude, he told me that "he didn't want to spend all day at the picnic!" as if this was my idea?  He wanted to eat lunch, walk around and then promptly leave.  Okay...fine with me...  I had never been on such a stressful picnic!  Why were we on such a schedule?

Then he said it.  He looked at me, just showered and dressed for sitting in the grass for the picnic..he said, "Um, don't you want to do your hair...or at least your make-up?"  Well that was rude.  No, I'm not going to do my hair on such a humid day (July 2, 2011), and especially not since you asked me to!

We got in my car.  I was driving.  I usually drive if we want to avoid a fight.  We never fight, except when John Paul is driving and I'm in the passenger seat, then we fight.  This is going to sound made up, but I have to document it for my own memory anyway.  I remember hearing Train's "Marry Me" song on the radio.  This was not planned by John Paul.  I remember that that was when I started thinking, is he going to propose? I remember thinking that I should stop thinking that, because then I would be disappointed if he didn't.  

We got to the park and according to this crazy schedule we were on, it was time to eat.  He unpacked everything from the trunk, and I remember him being insistent about getting his socks and sneakers out of the trunk.  I later found out that the ring was hidden in his sock.  We ate our sandwiches.  I think there was a sandwich (tuna, maybe?), a pear, and I can't remember the rest.  I remember it being fairly crowded.  I had been to the park before, but not to this particular location.  I remember we didn't talk much.  

This is when he started getting really weird.  He said we were going to have a photography contest, who could take the best photo.  I remember thinking that was silly, who would be the judge...what were the rules...I get a bit competitive sometimes.  Not now, Lindsay, just take the damn pictures.

It was "his turn" and I felt like a little kid trying to keep up with her parent, sort of fast walking behind him.  We were literally walking back and forth around the falls with him exclaiming that he "wanted to get the perfect shot!"  He had taught photography before, so I blamed it on that?

Finally, we were out on a circular ledge right near a waterfall, in the mud.  And that's when he did it: he knelt down in the mud and said "Lindsay, I love you and I'll always love you, will you marry me?"   And do you know what I said?

I said, "It's so big."  The ring, everyone, the ring was so big.  "Is that a yes?" he responded?  "Yes," I said.  And then I asked "did you ask my dad?"  That was important to me.  "Did he say yes?"  John Paul had called my dad, and he had said yes.  That was a relief.

From the actual day
This is from a few weeks later, at the same location, when I did my hair and make-up.    

I remember some tourists giving him the thumbs up, some people clapped.  Later on, JP explained that he wanted us to be alone on that ledge, and that there were so many tourists, one after the other.  

I called everyone in my family from my cellphone which had limited service out in the woods.  John Paul's phone died we had to share mine to make the calls.  I didn't cry, mostly we were just laughing.  It was so new and exciting.  

To be continued...

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