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Monday, October 21, 2013

Infancy Info

Now that Luke really looks and acts like a "big boy," I wanted to make sure that I record the things we learned in his infancy.

1.  Sleep.  We were really fascinated with the 90-Minute Sleep Program.  The program is based on the research of a baby's sleep cycle and uses N.A.P.S (Note time the baby wakes, add 90 minutes, play, feed, then soothe back to sleep).  It was a new concept to me that sleeping during the day would not negatively affect Luke's sleeping at night.  They don't "catch up" on sleep like an adult.  When we were so tired from night feedings and adjusting to our new little guy, it helped to have some semblance of a schedule to go by, as well.  The book also talks about missing the "window" for a nap which we could completely witness in Luke...and it helped us be more attuned to Luke's cues that he was ready to sleep.  If nothing else, I think it's a great starting point and an easy read.

2.  Sometimes, there are no right answers.  I definitely struggled with this one.  Can he eat eggs or not?  How much breast milk does he need to get after nine months for it to be worth it?  How often should he be pooping?  Sometimes the Pediatrician can provide the controversial bodies of research and then send you on your way.  This was something I really could not come to grips with for a while.  Where are the answers?  I'm not the first one to have a baby, why aren't there answers to these questions?  This is where you pray to God (literally) that you do everything you're supposed to be doing, and let go.

Luke's baptism, putting him in God's hands.
3.  Luke already has such a gregarious, outgoing, and social personality.  I took him to the library for "baby library class" and knew within the first few minutes that this wasn't for us.  All of the babies were sitting neatly with their moms in a circle.  Us?  We needed a bottle.  Then we needed to crawl around and check out all of the babies.  We wanted to scream, with joy, not discontent.  But I didn't want to tell Luke "shh!" or stop him from exploring.  Luke was behaving like an angel, but I brought him to the wrong place.  We now found that music class is a better fit!  Instead of having him conform to the library, we go to a place where loud singing and banging of drums is encouraged.  We can save the library for another day.  I think this is true of Target or church.  Instead of "shhh" or trying to get them to behave differently, reconsider if this is the best environment for them.  This is obviously different when they are a little older, but I personally don't think infancy is the time for discipline...not yet.

4.  Be an advocate for your baby and family.  I think problems arise when you try to tackle too many things, or ask the baby to do more and see more and learn more than they are physically capable.  Sensory overload is so real for babies and sometimes all they need is a quiet, maybe dark, and calming area.
Sensory overload?  Probably.
5.  Since Luke was born, my mom would say "as soon as you figure it out, they change."  I would edit this advice to: "before you can figure it out, they change."  I was telling my friend NK that I get up once per night with Luke, change his diaper, feed him, and put him back to sleep.  She asked if I tried just giving him the pacifier when he awoke, or if he is actually hungry.  I was baffled.  I literally hadn't even considered it.  I tried it the next night.  A few nights later he was sleeping through the night.  If I hadn't talked with her, we might still be eating once per night.  You're so tired and you go with what works, but sometimes there is something that works even better!  Again, I was talking with another mom, asking when I should stop with the pacifier.  She asked if he wants it, or if I just give it to him.  Again...baffled.  She was right, he doesn't ask for it unless he's tired...I just give it to him!  Now we try to keep the pacifier in the crib for sleep time only.  Lessons?  Talk with friends and be open to suggestion.  And don't get stuck with habits, keep evolving as they grow.

What else can you add to the infancy info list?

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