Lindsay Gill: You can do it all

Thursday, September 26, 2013

You can do it all

I remember starting as a freshman in college, realizing after about six weeks, that this was my new home for the next four years.  It wasn't camp, it wasn't vacation.  It was my new life.

I went through a similar experience when ending my maternity leave.  It sounds ridiculous but part of me felt like going back to work meant that my time with Luke was over, and I felt heartbroken.  Okay, maybe the early days of just mommy-and-baby-Luke-time were ending because he grows up everyday, and I would, in fact, be at work without him.  Everyday with him is, technically, very different from the one before because he's learning at such an incredible rate!  Yesterday we sat and played with tags, today we're pulling to a stand and trying to dive to the next object.  

But I also felt a feeling of "rushing" with my artwork, reading, and appearance as if whatever I was or had done thus far was the finish line for my personal life.  I found myself saying, "but I wanted to learn photography" and "I never got to do my sewing projects." Part of this is true.  Some hobbies and endeavors are best done without kiddos.  But this time with them will clearly pass at such a lightning speed, and you'll need those hobbies and creative outlets when "mom, can you do everything for me?" moves out.  

My own mom got me this book when I was still pregnant.  I opened it up to a sentence that resembled "waking up feeling like you were hit by a truck" and I thought it might be better to hold off until after the delivery.  

Well, here we are.  Reading the book, and Dr. Meeker touched on my exact anxieties.  That you're a mom right now, that's what God needed you to be.  But that doesn't mean you can't wear any other hats.  It just means that right now, being a mommy is your most important hat.  Sure, you won't just punch out when they're 18 and say "that was fun, sayonara sucker!"  But the job description will change and you will need those hobbies and interests again.  

Granted, I'm only about 8 months in, so I'm speculating.  And when I discussed this with an older woman, she gave me the "oh honey you're cute but your life is actually over" look.  But a family friend MS's dad told her "you CAN do it all, just not all at the same time."  I think this was wise and I'm sticking to it!  

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