Lindsay Gill: This person

Sunday, September 29, 2013

This person

This person is humble and wouldn't want me saying much about them here.

This person was driving home when they spotted a car that had driven off the road just minutes earlier.  

This person pulled over, jumped out of their car, and sprinted towards the crashed car, which was smoking, not knowing what he would find.

This person found struggling people. 

This person performed CPR on someone they had never met before. 

This person stayed with the family until the ambulance arrived.  

This person ran away once the medics arrived, receiving no recognition from anyone.  

This person wishes he could have done more.  This person aches for these people, and for their family.  The people and family that this person will never see again.    

We are in a world where scary things happen.  Where things don't always make sense.  How will I explain these things to Luke?  I always think about this quote from Mr. Rodgers to help me understand:

This person was a hero.  This person was a helper.  

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