Lindsay Gill: Picking pillows

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Picking pillows

We recently signed the lease for another year in our condo.  Now that our transition is finally coming to an end, we feel like we have the time and energy to make the place our own.

We were so grateful to get a beautiful hand-me-down living room from a family member.  It's a big and comfy set and it has been with us through the thick and thin of an action packed couple of years.  

I'd love some new pillow case covers for this furniture!  Here is my pillow cover inspiration so far from  The covers are fairly expensive to buy since we need size 24x24 in. so I'm going to buy the fabric and attempt to make them myself.  Will post the finished products.

These are all from

And these are from Etsy:

Pink Etsy Pillow
Monogrammed Etsy Pillow
Navy Etsy pillow

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