Lindsay Gill: Goals

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Our team leaders at work had a great "opener" to our meeting that I thought was effective and worth sharing.  They had a piece of presentation paper taped high up on the wall.  They asked for three volunteers and gave them each a marker.

The volunteers were instructed to stand with flat feet and draw a line as high as they possibly could.  Then they were instructed to draw a line above the line they just drew, again with flat feet.  All three volunteers were able to draw their second line higher.

The point of the exercise was that in a study (somewhere), 100% of the participants could draw the second line higher than the first.  They concluded that you can achieve more when you set goals for yourself.

So go forth and set goals!  Whether it is career goals, health goals, wealth goals, or soccer goals, you are more apt to reach the goals if you set them!

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