Lindsay Gill: Get Movin'

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get Movin'

When my younger brother and I decided to take my new jogger for a spin (which was a good Craiglist find), I was a little nervous.  I had walked for most of my pregnancy until the last few months when they diagnosed me with pre-pre-eclampsia, then I didn't exercise at all.

Still, I got my iPod all set with some pump-up music and dressed the part of the serious runner that I had been at one time in my life (we're talking high school).

As soon as we started moving, I could feel those natural running endorphins waking up from their year long hibernation!  They started flooding my brain and I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do more than run!  I yelled to my brother, "Let's do a really long run! I can do it! I'm feeling strong!" in the kind of yell that you do when only you are wearing headphones with music but the rest of the world doesn't need your voice any louder.

Mind you we had run about .2 of a mile at this point.  And about 3 minutes later, I had never felt so much fatigue and muscle lactic acid in my entire life.  I was, and am, what you would call "out of shape."

But the importance of getting your bum out of bed to do something is so important, especially when you become a mama.  I remember how good it felt to wake up one morning when I was still home with Luke, and "having" to go into work to meet with an interview candidate.  The purpose and schedule can be just what you need to get yourself and the baby going in the morning.

This morning, my friend SM invited Luke and me to a "Stroller Strides" class in my hometown.  We had a great time!  This is a group of local moms who keep the babies in strollers entertained while doing a light workout and they meet daily.  Definitely something to check out in your area.  They were really welcoming and it would be a great fit for a mom of any fitness get fit!  Here's the website to learn more:

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