Lindsay Gill: Anemia stir-fry

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anemia stir-fry

Well that sounds disgusting, right?

Wrong!  My Anemia stir-fry is way more tasty than any iron pill I've had!  Having my little Luke left me with very little iron.  I was getting so tired that my husband would come home with hamburger meat, spinach, and kidney beans and scream, "eat these!"

The secret to eating way more spinach than you ever wanted to eat is...fry it up!

You will need:
1.  Shrimp (starting with raw shrimp and cooking them is yummier than starting with cooked and cooking them).  Make sure you know whether or not you will have to de-shell/vein them yourself when estimating how long this preparation will take!

2.  Broccoli (1 stalk)
3.  Red pepper (1)
4.  Onion (1)
5.  Tomato (1 large)
6.  Brown Rice (we used bagged-boil-in-a-minute-or-ten-rice)
7.  Ginger (I can never taste it ground up, I recommend fresh).
8.  Ground fresh garlic (supposedly boosts iron?)
9.  Spinach! (2 bags)

Clean and chop the veggies.  Fry it all up in a wok!  We fry the broccoli first since it takes the longest.  Then add the other veggies.  You can cook the shrimp separately if you prefer.

Voila!  Your anemia-stir-fry is ready to be served!

Busy mama with no time?  Most of this basic recipe is prep work that can be done during a little one's nap time and then just thrown together later when everyone is starving.

Do you have any favorite anemia recipes?

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