Lindsay Gill: A Mini Professor

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Mini Professor

Luke can do something new each and every day.  It is fascinating watching him grow and learn.  I wonder if he is thinking the same thing about us, "Wow, Mom is finally figuring out this nursing thing," or "Yeah, that's what I've been trying to tell you guys!"

Here are a few of the many lessons we have learned from Luke thus far:

1.  Smile at everyone.  At the grocery store, on the sidewalk, at church, you name it and Luke is making people smile.  When we stayed at a hotel, Luke met a woman who worked there who was almost in tears proclaiming, "Thank you, you made my day!"  What is it about growing older that makes you keep to yourself and not acknowledge people around you?  Aren't we all in this together?  What if we could make a few people smile everywhere we went?  I think that's a great goal.

2.  Look at things with awe.  I can remember the first time Luke noticed his mobile.  He made this face where he pursed his lips together. (I miss that face!)  As a January baby, Luke didn't spend too much time outside at first.  When we finally laid outside for the first time when the weather warmed up, you could tell how happy Luke was!  He stretched out and soaked in the sun and fresh air.  If we look around, we can find inspiration in our everyday lives.

3.  Take your time.  I always notice that Luke takes his time to eat his bottle, even a midst the chaos of trying to get to school and work.  We've been trying to follow his lead and make sure we have sit-down meals when we can enjoy food and consciously nourish our bodies.   

4.  Love unconditionally.  There have been many mornings when my hair is in a crazy bun on top of my head and I can tell that Luke's gaze goes upward as he smiles.  He thinks it is hilarious when I look like a mess.  But he loves me all the same and is as affectionate as ever.  The other day, he gave John Paul a spontaneous kiss on the cheek mid-conversation and even shared a Puff with him!  Those were two of the sweetest moments!

5.  Forget social norms.  No, not all together.  But the ones that are ridiculous.  Luke lets out a big burp during church and everyone chuckles as this would be totally inappropriate for adults.  It makes me think of how many things we add to our lifestyle like what clothes to wear and what we should do and say.  I dread the day that Luke questions what he wears or does.  I think he's perfect in every way.  

What have you learned from your children?

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