Lindsay Gill: A cleaner closet

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A cleaner closet

I have had such stressful mornings trying to get Luke to school that it has become a goal to get him there with everything he needs while getting to work on time with as little stress as possible!  This means we have to be more organized!  

My first stop: the closet near the front door.
We got an organizer from Target :
Now we each have a cubby, there is a cubby for mail, one for things that need to go to Nana's house and a cubby for plastic bags.

There is also a spot for toys that need to be cleaned.  I realized once it was too late that my label could be seen as inappropriate. 

Now all the shoes are organized for quick departures as well with this shoe organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Next stop: the kitchen drawers! 

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