Lindsay Gill: Sittin' in a highchair, big chair, my chair...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sittin' in a highchair, big chair, my chair...

Have you ever driven all the way to work listening to baby songs, switching to find your favorites and then realized that the baby wasn't with you?  No? neither.  But I'll speak for both Luke and myself: the high chair song is one of our favorites.

Speaking of high chairs.  This was one of the purchases that I was most overwhelmed by.  I was previously not aware of how many high chair options were out there.  Having a baby forces you to be a Consumer Reports expert overnight.

We settled on the Graco Mealtime Highchair - Roman.  This was only $65.00 with free shipping and with our new customer discount at  We received it the next day!

This is an older picture from when we first got the chair.

My conclusion is that the important points are:

1.  Ability to keep the chair clean.  You can put our tray in the dishwasher and put the fabric in the washer machine.  The babes get messier as the foods get more difficult to clean.

2.  Ability to recline.  I was set on a reclining high chair for some reason.  We honestly never used the feature.  I suppose it depends on the babe and how early you're starting the high chair eating.

3.  Multi-purpose.  We find it nice to sit Luke in the high chair with some toys and some Puffs when we're cooking or cleaning.  I like having a nice big tray for his activity and the height of the whole chair can change.

4.  Ability to move.  We have Luke in the kitchen when we're cooking, and then roll him right over to the dining room table when we eat.  He loves being included and we love having dinner!

5.  Space.  Many moms were reviewing that in city apartments they did not have room for a big wheeling high chair, and didn't want to fold it up every time.  Ours fits nicely in a corner in the kitchen for now.  Keep your space requirements in mind.  If space is really an issue, many moms were happy with the high chairs that attach right to the table.  I was worried about this because our little guy is not little, and our table is not the sturdiest of tables.

6.  Growth.  Many chairs are convertible to suit eating needs as the babe grows.  Some can grow with the baby through school age!

7.  Appearance.  Some of these high chairs could be featured in a museum of modern art, they're beautiful!  Ours seems to be right in the middle on the spectrum of high chair beauty.  It definitely looks like a high chair but the softer colors match our condo.

But let's face it, the high chair was not going to be the biggest eye sore in our place...we have that covered.

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