Lindsay Gill: Seven Month Favorites

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seven Month Favorites

I received these as a gift for my shower, they are made for babies but come in cute colors and other styles!
They are a little pricey, but cheaper than my nice silver necklace that Luke wants to pull and chew!
protects against drool!  Fisher Price has a few apps that Luke loves!  (the newer one fits an iPhone5 but the older version does not, be sure to get the right size for your phone).
I joined 3 groups on 
You can pick which groups best suit you and your baby and its a great way to meet moms in your area with common interests!  This is a great way to find out what classes or activities are in your area.   

Luke's interest in tags has grown and we just got him a "taggies" blanket.  Seems like it could be a good DIY project, too.  The funny part is that he still can find the "real" tag!

We also just got a new diaper bag (similar to this one) that has made life much easier!  We realized we were carrying around a diaper bag and about 5 plastic grocery bags.  Now, we just have one diaper bag that zips and can hold everything!   Much easier to get out of the house.

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