Lindsay Gill: Declutter

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I recently downloaded the eBay app for my iPhone and have sold three items so far.  Not only does it feel like a slight gambling "high" from monitoring how many people are "watching" my item, but it's a great way to declutter and put some money back in the bank!

The app makes it so easy to post photos and a quick description of the item.  It is definitely a pain to go to the post office and send out the item, but you can specify that the shipping may take a few days extra.

When I'm cleaning, I try to make piles or bags for categories like "giveaway,"  "sell on Craiglist/eBay," "laundry," "throw away" or just put it away!  I find the most success when I make a plan to do something with whatever I pick up.  It seems that too often we get distracted and end up working on too many things at once.

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