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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School

We meet with Luke's "school" later this week.  It seems like a wonderful place.  He will be there two days per week.  We're hoping the socializing and germ exposure will be a good thing for him.  They get to do a music class and even yoga when they're old enough!  We're happy he will be exposed to many people before his "stranger danger" phase starts.  When we visited, he wanted to get down to play with the other kids.

I'm also so excited that they do 18 core sign language signs.  I have been trying to use some with Luke at home.  He definitely knows the sign for "milk" but definitely is using "milk" for everything!  It's so cute to watch him do it, though.  I got a sign language for hearing children book ( and tore out the pages that we would be using and hung them on the fridge.

The school and books claim that the kids who can sign are less frustrated because they're able to communicate before they can speak.  They say to start around 6 months, babies younger than that aren't able to memorize as well.

They also have a program that sends pictures and videos of Luke throughout the day so that we don't miss any major milestones.  Luke is so close to crawling!  I hate thinking that we will miss his first crawl.

In the information packet we were given, there was an insert on "what to look for in a high quality childcare center."  Here are some of the points I thought were important:

1.  Was your initial reaction upon entering the child care center a positive one?
2.  Are parents invited to drop in and visit at any time?
3.  Is there daily communication from the teachers to the parents?
4.  Is the center clean?  How is it cleaned?
5.  Is there a security system in place?
6.  What is the sickness policy?

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