Lindsay Gill: 5 Etsy Favorites

Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Etsy Favorites

 A nursing bracelet from banglesandbauble to mark times of feedings.  It seems like you could never forget but so many mornings I woke up and couldn't remember when I last fed Luke overnight.

Genealogy Family Tree necklace pendant.  I bought two and Mandalarain made them into earrings for my grandmother with all of the family member's birthstones.  They were such a hit and match everything!

We love taking Luke's month pictures with these cute ties on.  A nice addition to our photoshoots.  Getthepartystarted has all different month stickers

We loved sending these out from jackandellapaper when we moved so that everyone can stay in touch.

We used these for Luke's baptism.  We put about 10 Hershey Kisses in a little package as favors.  UpstairsCircus can do different color combinations to meet your party style

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